Sanjay (sanjay) wrote in toronto_isp,

domain name registration and web hosting question

hi there,

i'm in toronto and want to register a domain name (.com) as cheaply and securely as possible for at least 1 year. can anyone recommend a service to use to do this?

the prices seem to range from $4 - $40 and i'm not sure what the differences are... i want to own the name.

thanks for your help!
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I use Domains At Cost with good results.

Anything under $10US you won't own (That's the base cost from Network Solutions to the Registrars)
thanks for the tip!
i personally like EasyDNS ( for domain related stuff, i've got 6-8 domains hosted there and love it. great support, great web control panel, etc. they're not the cheapest though, so if you're looking for *mainly* cheap, i'd go with someone like domains at cost as thecrazyfinn said. easydns is based in toronto too :)
(bias notice: they host some gear where i work, so there may be bias here. i was using them long before i worked for the colo centre tho, so it's not a huge bias. jtis.)
I'd suggest easydns over domains at cost, easy dns is one of our customers too, and they are quite reputable.

I prefer to keep as much of my business as possible in Toronto, rather than a us based company.


i'm going to go with easydns!

thanks !

U can use the site for the Domain name registration in the site tucktail.comThe offer is
Products must be new to the customer (not currently owned) to qualify. One 1 yr $1.99* .com, .us, .mobi**, .biz, .net, or .org domain per each qualifying product; new, transfer or renewal..