Вадим Шумилов (shumilov) wrote in toronto_isp,
Вадим Шумилов

What is Masked DNS?

I've found an interesting DNS-server in the web. Has anyone tried it already? What's your impression?


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It doesn't look like a very active project ... I wonder if they are using their own product, dns seems to be timing out for them :P

the support forum only has three replies to two threads ..

I'm running bind, djbdns and powerdns for my authoritative and resolvers, mostly because I like free products that are quite mature and have people behind that that have been developing softward for a few years in the public domain.

I don't think I'd download any windows executables from this site ..it just screams 'graphic design student summer project' rather than industry standard name resolution solution.

I'd stick with bind or djbdns or possibly something free with a long history of development and stability.