mcbloom (mcbloom) wrote in toronto_isp,

looking for a technical support analyst

ISP / Telco Support & Setup Representative

Small facilities based telecommunications & Internet service provider based in downtown Toronto is seeking a young, energetic person to work in our support & setup department. We're looking for somebody not necessarily with a huge resume of experience, but somebody with good common sense that can learn quickly and grow with the company.

This applicant must be technically savvy, mechanically minded and have a good understanding of Internet technologies, protocols & architectures. All of our back-end systems are of one unix flavour or another, so this person must be comfortable in a shell / terminal environment. Starting Salary of $34K,, make an offer :), with good review, raise in 6 months.
Lemme know if you want this or know someone who might be a fit (
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that strikes me as awfully low for a job where you expect *nix knowledge.
Its an entry level position, if someone has other experiences and a figure in mind I'm sure there's some flexiblity.

We've had to fellows who need to move up in the organization doing this job for three years and they are making substantially more money now, but this was their entry point and starting salary.

We aren't looking for someone who can end to end configure a cisco pix or even install freebsd and secure it, we are looking for someone who might be having some trouble having the value of their unix and shell experience appreciated. If you can read your mail in mutt and know how to edit your .sig, we can probably teach you most of the rest of what you need to know to do this kind of job.